Why Pre-Screen?
Why conduct a pre-employment investigation? It is estimated that as many as 30% of resumes are misrepresented. Applicants falsify their resumes, or leave out important information that employers need to know. The fabrications can range from an unearned college degree to an undisclosed criminal conviction. Screening applicants will help employers eliminate serious problems before they arise as well as demonstrate integrity to qualified and competent applicants. Though there are many additional reasons why an employer should pre-screen employees before hiring, the following are four major reasons.

1. Lawsuits from third parties for negligent hiring. Lawsuits will be much more expensive than the cost of a full pre-employment investigation. It just takes one.

2. The potential for fraud, theft, embezzlement or property damage. Honesty and integrity are two virtues that can be determined by a thorough pre-employment examination. Loses due to criminal activity could be devastating.

3. Work place violence, personal injury claims or sexual harassment suits.

4. Waste in the cost recruiting, hiring and training unqualified employees. Identify and eliminate unfit candidates. Know that candidates which are authorized for hiring are suitable.

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