JANSON and ASSOCIATES provide services for clients nationwide. Ronald C. Janson, Owner/Manager, has over forty-five years of professional investigative experience, including municipal policing, federal law enforcement; conducting classified and unclassified criminal, civil, military, government, administrative and private investigations. Since 1994, JANSON and ASSOCIATES has specialized in pre-employment and security backgrounds. JANSON and ASSOCIATES is licensed (CA Lic.16103) and insured to conduct these pre-employment and security inquires. All pre-employment investigations are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (F.C.R.A.) and other applicable laws. JANSON and ASSOCIATES provides professional investigative support to all of its clients. With the client's need in mind, investigations are conducted in a timely fashion using legally available methods. For instance, most criminal history checks are completed and returned within three business days, some even sooner. Professional reports that are easy to read and understand are provided at a reasonable cost.