6. Basic plus Education: Highest degree received within last 3 years
Confirms dates of attendance
Degree and date of award
Transcripts may be ordered for the additional cost of the document.

7. Basic plus Former Employment confirmation: Last 3 years
Limited to 2 employers

8. Full Background - Basic plus all options: 3 - 7year scope investigation

* Price is based on one name and one court or jurisdiction. Prices may vary by county nationwide.

To help define your need keep in mind the following items:

a. Identify types of positions to be filled:
b. Are the positions Management ( ) or Non-management ( )
c. Do the positions require use of personal car or company vehicle (Y) (N)
d. Do the positions involve access to, handling or accounting for currency, drugs or property (Y) (N)
e. Do positions require special education or specific training courses (Y) (N)
f. Will a derogatory record finding result in adverse action (Y) (N)
g. Will the employee be working on a US government contract (Y) (N)